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Synth Pack 01



Synth pack 01 is a carefully crafted collection of melodies and chord progressions. The aim of the package was to create organic and lively sounds.

Can I use this pack for a complete game?
Sure but it probably won't be enough. The package is rather intended for small projects or game jams.

Is it completely free?
Yes. The package is free and under Creative Commons CC0 "No Rights Reserved".

I want to thank you, what can I do?
Follow me on Twitter.

Is it completely free?
Yes. Everything is under Creative Commons CC0 license.

What's in the package?
Sounds come in multiples flavors: Raw, Analog Delay, Digital Delay, Tape Echo, and VHS. There's one shot samples and others that can be looped.

What instruments did you use to produce the pack?
The synth is a Black Corporation Deckard's Dream (inspired by the CS-80). For the Analog Delay sounds, I used a Death by Audio Echo Dream 2 boutique pedal. The Digital Delay's sounds were crafted with a Strymon Magneto eurorack module. The Tape Echo with the well known Roland RE-201 tape echo and the VHS sounds with a limited run Chase Bliss Audio Generation Loss pedal.

Are the samples ready to be used?
Yes. Gently compression is applied throughout the package. Samples are phase-aligned, which means that you can stack them without fearing of losing bottom end. Finally, there is enough headroom to arrange them. You will not hit the 0dB.

How do I use the looped and the release files?
The looped ones can be repeated forever. And as soon as you decide it's time to end the loop, you can fade them out or use the release section. AudioClip.length is your friend.

Do you also do commissioned work?
Possible. Contact me.


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