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Asperger Knight Quest

Asperger Knight Quest features a letter Z. This letter must find other letters that are hidden behind the screen. Being currently developing my first iOS game, I started this little project to see if my knowledge had improved and if I could finalize a game (albeit a simple one) in less than 2 days.

The typography, omnipresent in the game, is System 85 - Mono - Bold, by Colophon Foundry. You can learn more about this typography here.

I normally take care of the sound universe. The lack of time here forced me to improvise on my old analog synthesizers and throw these sounds into the game. You can change the sound background by clicking on the +.

The game is comprised of 10 levels. The last one is really hard but I'm sure some of you will succeed. The rules must be self-explanatory (I hope).

Available for OSX and Windows.